Monday, January 8, 2018

Oracle Apex Work Space

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       Let's take a Zoom-in the significance of a work space and it's components. The development process takes place in the context of a workspace, so it’s important to know how a workspace is structured.

Oracle Work Space Hierarchy

You can think  foremost of Oracle Apex work space as a cloud computing architecture services for thousands of users.  

Oracle Apex Free work space is a virtual private database   allowing multiple users, applications and schema  to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation but  they can't interact or see each other only with the permission of the work space owner to keep their database objects, data and applications private.
 A  Work Space Contents:

·        One to many users.
·        Zero to many applications.
·        One to many schemas.

Each  application have  one and only one schema during development

Oracle Apex Users 

Once  you created a new work space, you must have a valid access user to login to the work space. Oracle Apex users hierarchy  has three main types i divided them 
according to their authority  as follow:


·        Instance Administrator who owns the privilege to:
o   Fully authorized  to control the work space  instance as Oracle sys user.  
o   Login to the special INTERNAL workspace, which houses the APEX Admin Services application.

·        Workspace Administrators manage the workspace details   over-rides users lock, they can acts as developers.

·        Workspace Developers create and edit the database schema and applications schemas.

·        Workspace End-Users run applications to practice their job, they don't have access to the back-end.

Oracle Database users Vs Oracle Application Express Users

Oracle Database users
Oracle Application Express Users
Database "users"
& "Schema"
Work Spaces

Oracle  Database Users as
·        Sys
·        System
·        Apex, etc.
·        application  users
·   Instance Workspace Administrators
·      Workspace Administrators
·        Developers
·        End Users.
   Data Storage
Database data dictionary
Apex data dictionary
Database  user's name,  password and privileges managed by commands 

·        CREATE USER
·        ALTER USER
·        DROP USER
Database  user's name,  password and privileges managed by
Oracle Application Express:
1.     Instance Administrator
" Internal " work space (GUI)
2.     Work space Administrator.
 Not related  to any Oracle Database User.
Default Oracle 
Oracle creates an empty schema for each user.
Oracle creates a schema for  each Work space user. 

Oracle Work Space Relationship with
Applications, Pages, Regions, and Items

        Oracle work space starts free of application, but once you created the work space one and only one database schema is created.
 You can create and manage one or more user. 
Then, you can start creating one or more application.

Each application can have one or more region it looks like a container for one or more page item

     You can have more than a work space for one email each must has a unique  name . If you cannot remember your work space name, you can request a list of all work space names associated with your email address.

Steps to find your workspace name:

1.     On the Login page, click Find My Workspace on the Tasks list.
2.     Enter your email address and click Find Workspace.
3.     An email with the list workspace names is sent to you.


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Friday, December 22, 2017

Highway For Oracle Apex 

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       May be you are anxious to try Oracle Apex by yourself. This article mainly presents to you a high way to Oracle Apex.
     It offers you a free Oracle Apex work space to try it yourself easily and  simply. 
       Let's follow the next steps below you will be able to feel and taste the beauty and capabilities of this wonderful technology.    

Task Definition:   

Create a new free Oracle Apex workspace. 
Hence, i will share all the difficulties i faced and discuss it with you.

Task Solution:
  •      Created a new email for the new work space 'Demoo' as follow...
  • Go to Oracle Apex official web site

  • Scroll down to the end of the page & press Get Started Button.

  •  The following page will be displayed > Press Free Work Space.

  •  The 'Request a Work space' page will be displayed > press Application Development button as it is set by default.

    • Press the Next Button > the following wizard steps displayed.
    • I completed the * required work space fields with the name i preferred but i got the following error since the name of the works pace is not unique. 
            Note: The work space  name has to be unique as your email account.                           This definitely helps ORACLE  to distinguish between your work space and other thousands of  its active work spaces. By default, The work space name is capital Letter.
            The red error message will not disappeared until you rewrite a unique name and press next.  I changed the works pace name as ' Demoo'.
    •  After rename the work space, i noticed that the web page didn't respond to any modified changes unless i press next button. In other words, when i manually closed the red rectangular message box located at the upper right side of the page there is no validation occurred against my new work space name...! 
    • I wonder, why still this red warning message exists under the work space name text box why it didn't disappear ?!!
    •   I pressed Next the work space wizard asks for the schema name to build it's default database objects. The schema name also has to be unique otherwise you will get an error the same as work space.
    •  It has a space allocation of  25MB which is temporary suitable for training, tests and further more for client's demonstrations.
    Note: At this stage i encountered problems with my internet connection, my lab had disconnected and the page step disappeared. Thanks to Allah, when i refresh the current page i got the current lost step back.

    • I rewrite the previous schema name i wrote before the internet dis-connection but it  was rejected, i don't know why may be the work space consider it invalid.
    • I rewrite another schema name 'OTT' for Oracle Training Tasks then press Next it accept the name and move forward to the next installation step.

    •  The next wizard step is a survey for ORACLE that gives you the right to accept or reject it. You can read Oracle rules and accept it to go on in creating the work space creation process steps. 
    • Check your check box preferences and press NEXT button.

    •  The following screen is just an agreement between  you and Oracle you must to check the check box to continue to Oracle Free Work Space.

    •  The following screen is a summary screen shoot that summaries all your input data  for the work space, schema and other Oracle work space related information etc.

    •   The following screen informs you that you have successfully create the work space. At this stage, when you press the blue button it is supposed to let you set the work space password. But, once again the internet is dis-connected.  
    • Due to my internet disconnection i faced an issue for missing the setting of  my password for the first time. Then i press reset password.

    •   I have just received the email for setting my password in less than a minute. The email contains:  The new work space as follow:
    • Workspace: DEMOO
      Reset Password URL
      : Get it from the email screen shoot

    • I copied the given URL sent by ORACLE then paste it in the url browser
    • Then, set the new password as 'OTT' and conform it as 'OTT'.
           'OTT'  stands for Oracle Training Tasks
    •   I pressed 'Apply Changes' button. It starts to process the credential as follow..

    • Finally, we successfully log-in into Oracle apex Free Work Space. 

          Now, welcome you to Oracle Apex World ...!

    Add the following url to your browser favorite as a short cut to easily invoke your Free Work Space any time 
    Work Space:  APEX_DEMOO
    User : n
    Pass Word: n
    Now, let's decide your new career path.    
     Enjoy it !
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    My success only comes from Allah, pls. note your comments and suggestions are great help for me in progress thanks in advance.