Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oracle Apex

Start Oracle Apex

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful      
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  •      Think of it's time to start a forward step into a new web technology skill.
  •     Think of the easiest way to develop fast application.

             Is the right way to think of Oracle Apex.
  •     Think to move forward to start learning Oracle Apex.
  •     Think to add a new valuable skill at least to your programming knowledge.
  •     Think of admiring Oracle Apex after experienced it on-line.
            I think you are reading the right articular to start with Oracle Apex.

        Well, Oracle apex is a 100% browser-based rapid application development (RAD) tool that helps you to create rich, interactive, Oracle-based web applications very quickly and with relatively little programming effort.

Why Oracle APEX ?

·        Fully supported by Oracle.
·        No cost feature of the Oracle Database.
·        Less code required.
·        Interactive Web based & Mobile Technology.
·        Ultimate  Security since APEX is built on Oracle database.
·        Familiar to developers using SQL and PL/SQL.
·        Distinctive Interactive Reports and charts for your application

Do you Like it ? 
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Three Steps Between You & Oracle Apex 

          Oh yes it's really true, you can try and enjoy Oracle Apex with no need to install it. Then you decide what fits you right now...

1.     Gain a Free Access to an Oracle APEX instance

             All you need is an email account  to sign up with an Oracle Technical Network account, it’s free and easy to sign up  to request your free work-space Free Oracle Apex Work Space to  access your new Oracle Apex 5.1 instance.

2.     Web browser
            Oracle APEX documentation states that "To view or develop APEX applications,  you must have a web browser that supports cookies, JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS 3".

The following browsers are currently supported for Oracle Apex 5.1:

  Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 35+, Apple’s Safari 7+, and Google Chrome 40+.

3.     SQL Developer
           It is a free SQL and PL/SQL IDE provided by Oracle.  It helps you to browse database objects, edit row data, develop and test stored PL/SQL program units, code and test SQL statements, and interactively debug PL/SQL code.

      You can download SQL Developer from the OTN’s home page.

What Programming Language Skills You Need ?

1.     Oracle Database (SQL & PL/SQL).
2.     HTML.
3.     CSS.

     Basically you can start with a good Oracle Database (SQL & PL/SQL), HTML and CSS knowledge. Then, start studying JAVA SCRIPT.

 Oracle Application Express
    Statement of Direction

To get a view of what the Oracle APEX team is committed to providing, you can read the most recent Statement of Direction (SoD).
 It contains an overview of the main functional areas for the next planned release.
 You can find the URL here SoD.

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